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Pre Purchase Pest Inspections

Why are Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Important when buying a Property?


A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection report by a qualified, insured and licensed Pest Inspector will contain information on whether there is evidence of any Timber Pest Activity as well as any current signs of Termite workings.


Our Pre-Purchase timber pest inspectors report on all areas of potential property purchases including the sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms and areas within 50 metres of the dwelling to the boundary lines.


Garry Stegert Pest Control recommends that a pest inspection be carried out at the same time as a building inspection so that any termite damage that we detect can be checked by the builder to determine if repairs are required.  A combined building and pest inspection is often carried out by two separate inspectors.  We can streamline this process for you by arranging a building inspector to assess the property at the same time that we are carrying out our inspection.

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