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Fleas - Hints & Tips for successful pest control

  • Treatment is best done in the early stages of flea infestation
  • When organising treatment to be done, please include all areas that the pet has access to, ie - house internal and external,

     sheds and play equipment

  • Don't remove the pet from the affected area as humans then become a potential host
  • Treat all animals with appropriate flea treatments
  • Keep in mind that flea treatments are an exit requirement for most rental properties with pets
  • Internal treatment - have a clean and clear floor, cover any fish tanks & turn off filters, remove animals from area - allow back

     after treatment has dried 

  • Do not vacuum for at least 7 days post treatment.  Dispose of any waste from vacuum immediately.
  • External treatment - prior to treatment, please trim grass low, wash any animal bedding and dispose of any rubbish
  • The best advice that any pest control technician can give post treatment is to be patient (we know that this is hard with fleas!). 

     Newly hatches fleas may be seen for several weeks post treatment.  It is important to still use the infected area/s, in order for

     fleas to hatch and come in contact with treatment, they should die within a few hours.